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We Rock Care



We Rock the Spectrum presents We Rock Care, our “Drop Off” services. This service can be used for a maximum of three hours per visit and three visits per week. We Rock the Spectrum is not a licensed daycare facility. A parent conversion form is required for both services offered.

Break Time Care AKA “In-Facility Respite Care”
Respite Care helps families of children with special needs who, at times, may have problems balancing the needs of siblings, spouses, or themselves! Children without a special needs diagnosis may also use this service. This option is great for children who demonstrate appropriate play skills, can cooperatively play with others, and have the ability to play solo or in groups safely. This service has a 3:1 ratio of children to staff and is for children 3 years and older at $18 an hour per child. This service has a 24-hour notice requirement.

One-to-One Attendant Care
This service is intensive support with constant care, which requires a one-to-one ratio due to a child having behavioral, movement, or safety concerns. This option is recommended for children who are not potty trained, become overstimulated easily, have a tendency to wander or escape, and/or are known to hit or bite themselves or others. This service starts at $29.40-$37.80 per hour per child and is for children of all ages. Additional fees may apply depending on the child's needs (please call us for more information). This service has a 1-week notice requirement for staffing purposes.


  • BREAK TIME (3-TO-1) & WE ROCK CARE (1-TO-1)
  • 3:1 is $18/hr
  • 2:1 is $21/hr
  • 1:1 is $29.40-$37.80/hr (Additional fees may apply depending on the child’s needs, please call us for more information)
  • Additional costs may apply
  • For children ages 3 to 13 years. Children must be potty trained.
  • A parent conversion form is required for both levels of service.
  • We Rock the Spectrum is not a licensed daycare facility.